Shenyang Airport Informational Guide to Shenyang Taoxian International Airport (SHE) - Non official

Shenyang Airport Bus

See attached the available bus options at Shenyang Airport

Shuttle Bus

At Shenyang Airport there’s a Shuttle Bus service which gets to Shenyang Railway Station (SK Bus Station) and to North Railway Station (Huyue Express Bus Station). 

Passengers who want to take the train should board any of the available shuttle bus routes. 

Shenyang Railway Station

Get comfortably to Shenyang Railway Station by this route.


Daily from 07:50h to 20:00h, every 40 minutes.

Total trip time is about 60 minutes. 

North Railway Station

This route takes passengers to North Railway Station


Daily from 08:30h to the last flight arrival, every 40 minutes.

Total trip time is about 60 minutes.


Outside Arrivals.


Single ticket fare is around RMB 15.5-17.

Where do I buy my ticket?

Tickets are sold at the information desk located at the first level in the Arrivals Hall. 

Trolley Car

Trolley car line 2 follows the route between Shenyang Airport and Olympic Sports Center


Shenyang Airport, Airport Hotel, Taoxian, Meidi ZhuangYuan Villa, Qianjinhui Garden Hotel, Olympic Sports Center. 


Daily from 07:00 am to 22:30 pm. 


Single ticket is RMB 2.00

Buses to other cities

At Shenyang Airport there are long-distance bus services to nearby cities.


From 08:30h to 01:30h, every hour.

Fare is RMB 33.5.


From 10:40h to 20:00h, every 40-60 minutes.

Fare is RMB 37.


From 10:40h to 20:00h, every 120 minutes.

Fares is RMB 43.5.


Service hours: 12:40h, 14:40h, 17:10h, 19:40h, every 65 minutes.

Fare is RMB 35.5.


Service hours: 14:45h and 17:05h.

Fare is RMB 70.75-75.


Service hours: 11:10h, 13:00h, 15:10h, 17:30h and 19:30h.

Fare is RMB 90.5.


Services: 10:30h, 12:00h, 13:00h, 14:00h, 15:00h, 16:30h, 18:00h and 19:40h.

Fare is RMB 88