Shenyang Airport Informational Guide to Shenyang Taoxian International Airport (SHE) - Non official

Shenyang Airport Tram

Shenyang Modern Tram stands for a public mean of transportation which exclusively operates in Hunnan New District of Shenyang. 

Shenyang Tram lines no.2 and no.6 connect Shenyang Airport to downtown.


Line 2

This line follows the route between Olympic Centre and Taoxian Airport.

Line 6

In this case, it follows the route between Shenyang South Railway Station and Taoxian Airport. 


Tram stops at the underground station located in Basement level 2. 


Fares are according to distance, being the base fare 2 Yuan and 4 Yuan for the longest journeys.

Given the distance between Shenyang Airport and downtown, one-way ticket cost is 4 Yuan